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thermostaer is mounted on the wall with buttons
Yves Behar’s thermostat for British Gas aimed at "everyone"
Yves Behar's thermostat for British Gas aimed at "everyone from your grandma to your auntie"
three different types of thermostaers are shown in this image, one is white and one is black
iF Design - Berker KNX Raumcontroller
Berker KNX Raumcontroller
a person holding a smart phone in front of an appliance that is on the wall
iF Design - Junkers Control CT100
Creative, App, Concept
Smart Home (Concept Design)originality
the bosch smart thermostaer is shown in white
Bosch BCC050 White Thermostat with Wi-Fi Compatibility | 8733952994
Save energy and money: control your heating and cooling schedule remotely (compatible with Alexa and Google assistant) use your smart device to connect to an unlimited number of thermostats and manage up to 4 schedules on each. Multi-use product compatibility: connects with the majority of 24VAC heating and cooling equipment, including heat pump (3 heat, 2 cool) or conventional (2 heat, 2 cool) systems, and 1 accessory (humidifier or dehumidifier). Easy programming: intuitive interface makes pro
a black and white clock with the time on it's display panel next to a gray wall
iF Design - Casarte Smart Screen Switch
four white and grey doors are on the wall
BTicino presenta Living Now: icona da sempre, da oggi connessa - Cose di Casa
a stainless steel wall mounted light switch on a concrete wall with a round button in the middle
A visual diary from an Amsterdam based product designer
four black square buttons on a white background
thermostaer on the wall in front of a dining room table
Bould Design | industrial design studio | san francisco