The Fact's of Life

The Facts of Life. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, The Facts of Life.

Mork from Ork, Na-noo na-noo

Mork & Mindy (TV Series - This is where it all started for Robin Williams. Hard to believe that was over 30 yrs ago, and how it ended so tragically, August, 2014

Vita da strega

The man who started my love for the adv! Every girl want to be Samantha or Tabata but i want to be Darrin!

Giochi senza frontiere

Giochi senza frontiere

facts of life cast | albero-delle-mele-facts-of-life-cast-2.jpg

Facts of Life- loved this t. "Ya take the good, ya take the bad, ya take them both and there ya have, the facts of life. the facts of life." Very hummable tune!

Hollis Brown Thornton

Are you watching these? Have your cassettes transferred so your memories can be enjoyed and passed on before they deteriorate. VHS by Hollis Brown Thornton permanent marker on paper 8 x 10 inches