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Prendi le cose come vengono. Non starti a domandare tanto se questo o quello è bene per te. Non interrogare tanto la tua coscienza, finirà scordata come un pian

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I cannot wait till I can read for pleasure again!!! Reading is no fun when your made to do it.

Makeup Madness Monday (35 photos)

Smokey eyes

Makeup Madness Monday (29 photos)

Smokey eyes!! :)

A glam cat eye created by beautiful @MaquillateconAurora GB always glam and gorgeous BROWS: Dipbrow pomade in “Ebony" EYE BASE: Matte Highlighter Crayon in “Camille" EYES: Using shadows from my Holiday collection Lavish palette CREAM to highlight brow bone / ORANGE SODA as transition color / SIENNA to mark and blend socket line/

Gothic outdoor furniture