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Francesca Trani

Francesca Trani
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Giuseppe Penone. Italian sculptor. "Young trees carved within old trees".

Amazing wood sculptures by Italian artist, Giuseppe Penone. In “The Hidden Life Within,” Penone carves a young tree inside an old tree to highlight the passage of time and the importance of living in the present. “Tree of 12 Metres” … Continue reading →

In Norse mythology, the World Tree called Yggdrasill runs like a pole through this world and the realms above and below it. Yggdrasill is a great ash tree that connects all living things and all phases of existence.

Slavic Creation Myth - For example the oldest Slavic traditions say that in the beginning there was nothing, there is old-dark, dark sea and sky, the only existing thing created by Rod was World-egg in which rested Svarog, the divine creator.

Moon obscuring the Sun, with Venus on top

Venus is visible above Earth's moon, which is illuminated solely by light reflected from Earth. Because of Venus's nearness to Earth and the way its clouds reflect sunlight, it appears to be the brightest planet in the night sky, NASA