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Pumora's embroidery stitch-lexicon: the open fishbone stitch II

fishbone stitch

Category: crossed stitch family Use: filling areas Translations: offener Grätenstich (DE); Ponto Folha Aberto (PRT) back to the fishbone stitch overview back to the stich-lexicon

Pumora's lexicon of embroidery stitches: the scroll stitch


Learn how to embroider with the lexicon of embroidery stitches. Step by step tutorials on how to do knots and it's variations.

Qi Baishi's Shrimps | Chinese Painting | China Online Museum

Qi Baishi (齊白石, was one of the most well-known contemporary Chinese painters. His original name is Qi Huang (齊璜) and style name Weiqing (渭清). Baishi ("white stone") is one of his pseudonyms.