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Ferrovia Retica | Rhätische Bahn (Ferrovia Retica)

The #Rhaetian #Railway - #UNESCO - The Rhaetian Railway is a mountain railroad network whose lines connect Italy to Switzerland, via a long labyrinth of wide valleys and mountain passes. With its two narrow-gauge lines, the railway infrastructure constitutes an engineering, architectonic and administrative feat without comparison, ideal for traversing the impervious mountain terrain. #ItaliaIT #Italy


Chiostro della Basilica di SantoStefano, Bologna - Instagram di mimib67


Basilica di Aquileia (Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta)

#Aquileia, the Ruins and the Basilica - #FriuliVeneziaGiulia - It was also one of the largest and richest Mediterranean cities within the Roman Empire, and eventually was made seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate that lasted until 1751. Thus, Aquileia became a dominant hub of the Christian world for Central Europe from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century. The archaeological excavations have not brought to light everything regarding the the Roman Era city #ItaliaIT #Italy

Reggia di Caserta

#Caserta, the #RoyalPalace and #Park - #Campania - Commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon in the 1700s, Luigi Vanvitelli planned this palace, a triumph of the Italian Baroque and one of the most famous and important works by the Neapolitan architect. Everyday visitors are left enchanted by the beauty of its interiors and by the magnificence of its exterior. #Italy #ItaliaIT #UNESCO

Castello del Valentino

#Turin, the #Savoy #Residences - Piedmont - #UNESCO - A visit to Turin and its hinterland, in discovery of the splendid Royal Residences that the Savoys had constructed between the 17th and 18th Centuries, is truly an immersion into these historic centers of power, as well as the hunting lodges, vacation resorts and venues of court life. #ItaliaIt #Italy

Santuario San Michele Arcangelo

#Longobards in Italy and Their Places of Power. These “places of power” and the monuments realized during the rule of the Longobards in Italy. Dispersed all the way from Udine to Foggia, the buildings, churches and monuments they left behind narrate the influence the Germanic tribe had on Italy during the High Middle Ages.

Rooftops of Bologna - Instagram by mikatrustinmika

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Tra sogno e realtà..Il #Castello incantato di #Torrechiara - Foto di ItalyLandscape&Art

#Archiginnasio di #bologna - #TeatroAnatomico foto di @misspocopopmoltorock

zona universitaria nel centro storico di #Bologna foto di @Shannon Bellanca Copeland