The Joker’s fridge…

surprised our fridge doesnt look like this.steph has a problem. pickles n the fridge n popsicles n the freezer.

Yes, yes you can…

Roaches are so cute that i just want to ste on them with my shoe and put it in a paper towel than flush it down the tolite! Do you have roaches? I'm going to sleep like the bunny.

What do your sleeping positions say about your relationship? Stumbled across this and found it hilarious. Pete needed to go a long time ago lol

Swedish Chef Ramsay delightfully combines the goofiness of the Muppets’ Swedish Chef with the rage of Hell’s Kitchen host Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Funny pictures about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Thor. Thor Everywhere. Also, Thor. Thor Everywhere.

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