Mother knows what’s best…

Just a Touch of Love - 15th August 2016

Il segreto della pioggia...

Più bella poesia non c'è😍when a poem becomes like a million of emotions understood by someone ❤

Non è tutto oro quello che riluce alcune persone fuori sono belle ma dentro sono orribili, maligne, invidiose.

Se ci sono entrambi è il miracolo.If there are both it is the miracle.

Melancholy is the absence of a person who can not take off, but you walk into the heart, caressing the soul every day.


chaplinfortheages: “ The poignant scene at the end of his film “THE CIRCUS” - 1928 ”

In dialetto siciliano si dice: Amici e guardati~~~Here we are again girls:-)


moon☽glow musings : Italian sayings : A person changes for two reasons: he has learned much or he has suffered enough