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Albero della Vita – I Celti associare ad ogni periodo dell’anno un albero differente. L’albero, simbolicamente, rappresenta la vita naturale
Common name: Water hyacinth. Scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes. Family: Pontederiaceae. Genus: Eichhornia. Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial. Flowering Time: June - September. Flower Color: Lilac to lavender.
Common name: Broadleaf arrowhead, Duck potato, Wapato. Scientific name: Sagittaria latifolia. Family: Alismataceae. Genus: Sagittaria. Plant type: Herbaceous perennial. Height: 18-24 in. (45-60 cm). Flower color: White. Flowering time: July - September. Three round, white petals. The flowers have 3 green sepals. arrowhead shaped leaves. Leaves can be quite variable in size. It commonly grows submerged in shallow water; slow streams, shorelines of lakes and ponds, marshes, and ditches.
Olio essenziale di tea tree - proprietà e benefici
Common names: Buffalo Currant, Clove Currant, Golden Currant; Scientific name: Ribes aureum Pursh, Syn. Ribes odoratum; Family: Grossulariaceae; Genus: Ribes; Species: R. aureum. Plant type: Deciduous shrub; Height: 3 to 5 feet. Flower color: Yellow; Flowering time: April.
Common name: Caucasian pincushion flower, Caucasian scabious. Scientific name: Scabiosa caucasica. Family: Dipsacaceae. Genus: Scabiosa. Plant type: Perennials. Height: 36-48 in. (90-120 cm). Flower colour: lavender-blue. Flowering period: July to September.
Common names: Goldencreeper, Manchu tubergourd. Scientific name: Thladiantha dubia. Family: Cucurbitaceae. Genus: Thladiantha. Plant type: Climbing,Herbaceous. Flower color: Yellow. Flowering time: August to October.
Common name: Peruvian lily, Lily of the Incas, Parrot lily, Princess Lily. Family: Alstroemeriaceae. Genus: Alstroemeria. Plant type: herbaceous perennial. Height: 6-18 in. (15-45 cm). Flower colors: pink, red, maroon. Bloom time: late spring and early summer.
Common names: Chinese yellow banana, Golden lotus banana.Scientific name: Musella lasiocarpa.Family: Musaceae.Genus: Musella. Plant type: Tender perennial. Height: 60cm. Flower colour: Yellow. The leaves are Blue-green, Oblong, up to 50 cm and 20 cm broad. Native to Yunnan, China.The flower resembles a lotus - from which the plant gets one of its names.
Fritillaria “Giardinaggio” coltivarla, curarla, trucchi e foto. La Fritillaria, appartenente alla famiglia delle Liliacee, è originaria dell'emisfero settentrionale, in particolare Asia ed Europa.