These look like poison berries but whatever BERRIES 4 LIFE!

In Ayurveda, any Red food stimulates the circulation, energises the nerves and dilates blood vessels. It pacifies vata and kapha but needs to be used with caution by pitta.


heyy its actually BLUE rasberries :) Never saw them anything but red but still love this color turquoise!

Instead of popcorn during a movie, munch on berries in a cute, portable cup! <3

Fresh Fruit Bar - Fair-Style Berry Cones - Use food to decorate the picnic table. Form sturdy waxed paper into cones, securing with transparent tape. Fill each cone with blue or red berries to create a sweet treat and dazzling display all in one.


berries-Bring a bunch to circle time.have a taste test!like boysenberry or straw-berry!

Red berry

Beautiful clusters of raspberries in the garden. Did you know that Raspberry Ketone drops can help you lose pounds a week? See link below

Full Fresh Burst of Blueberry flavour with a smooth sweet aftertaste.

i could eat a bowl of blueberries or add it to my cereal. superfoods: beans blueberries broccoli oats oranges pumpkin salmon soy spinach tea (green or black) tomatoes turkey walnuts yogurt