Etiquetas Frascos Botellas Transparentes X12 Unid 8x8.5 Cm - $ 90,00

Any type of home improvement from floor to ceiling, interior and exterior remodeling of any kind.

Il segreto, cara Alice, è circondarsi di persone che ti facciano sorridere il cuore. È allora, solo allora, che troverai il Paese delle Meraviglie. Cappellaio Matto.

The secret, dear Alice, is surrounded by people who make you smile at your heart.

La vita è un libro

Life is as a book: some friends are in a page there, others in a chapter But those true, for the whole history(K Loshi)

Ogni tanto mi dimentico di avere una vita soltanto : Foto

Più bella poesia non c'è😍when a poem becomes like a million of emotions understood by someone ❤

inspiration- a la puerta del lobo

Illustration by Jean Sole. Not for a supporting article but it is an interesting representation of fear. Fine details in the hair of the bear bring the character to life whilst the girl being coloured reveals that the fear is only her imagination.