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In life you need three things: 1) Intelligence of speaking at the opportune moment. 2) the courage to face difficult moments 3) the wisdom to ignore the stupidity of those who criticize and judge you.


"We need to learn to stop complaining a little less and star thanking a little more for what we have. Let's think of all the people who have thousands of reasons to complain and they smile instead".

-Get over your past so that it won't ruin your present. -What other people think about you doesn't concern you. -Time heals almost everything. Let things take its course. -No one should be the reason of your happiness but you. -'Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about. -Stop thinking too much. it is ok not to know every answer. -Smile. " don't own all of the problems in the world.

"Every time I cry they put a breast in my mouth --- I love my life!"

'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.'