The Fourteen Stations of the Cross was commissioned by St. Raphael Church in Naperville, Illinois. These clay renditi

The fourteen stations of The Cross was commisioned by St. Raphael Church in Naperville Illinois Koh-Varilla Guild Jeff Varilla & Anna Koh Varilla

Koh-Varilla Guild,Resurrected Christ,Sacred Art,Fifteenth Station

This polychromed high bas- relief sculpture was inspired by the Creed. Christ is portrayed receiving the first breadt

Anna koh Varilla,Mary Magdalene,Christ Resurrection,Sacred Art

It portray& the moment when Mary Magdalena is present at Christ& Resurrection.

Giovanni Battista Foggini, Adorazione dei pastori, 1675 circa, Hermitage, San Pietroburgo

‘Adoration of the Shepherds’ marble sculpture by Giovanni Battista Foggini via Plum leaves