Model in white shark-skin swimsuit by Jantzen, white straw sailor hat worn over polka-dotted scarf hat, both by Betmar. She stands in front of an American flag, holding an ice cream cone. Photographed by Leombruno Bodi in 1955

New York City, 1955. Photo: Norman Parkinson. This is one of my favorite photos ever: there's so much in it

New York City, 1955, photo by Norman Parkinson

'New York, New York' Pippa Diggle and Robin Miller (Parkinson's neighbours in New York), East River Drive, NY by British fashion photographer Norman Parkinson via Vogue News

April 12, 1955 ~ announcement of Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine

Jonas Salk's polio vaccine works Since my parents both had polio, I had every dosage allowed, including a shot and in a sugar cube.

la bilancia della Zia Rina

Küchenwaage - I have a kitchen scale that I found at a flea market (flohmarkt) in Frankfurt

Frascati 1957 - pigiatura dell'uva

Goods from the Mediterranean Basin -this picture shows wine being made / Woman Stomping Grapes - Frascati 1957