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MTGS1000D-1A - MT-G - Mens Watches | Casio - G-Shock

The elegance of a luxury timepiece fuses with rugged performance chronograph in this Metal Twisted G-Shock watch. Features: Stainless steel covering and wrist band, Tough Movement, Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping, Triple G Resist.

Tokyoflash Galaxy Watch - I have this watch and absolutely love it!!!

17 Bizarre Tokyoflash Timepieces - From Area 51 Pendants to Abacus-Inspired Watches (CLUSTER)

Solar and wind power combine!!!!

Eco Factor: A residential power generator that combines solar and wind energy to give you a clean and green energy source. Solar and wind energy are increasingly gaining ground as the most popular sources of alternative energy. While solar energy.