Carla De Santis

Carla De Santis

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Thinking this would be funny to wear at the Turkey Trot. We can chase all those people dressed as turkeys.

Garden overlooking Oschwand, 1938, Cuno Amiet

X-Ray Eucalyptus Branch II Poster by Albert Koetsier at

Vi portiamo alla scoperta delle gallerie d'arte più interessanti della Capitale, una top10 tra sorprese e grandi conferme nel panorama artistico romano...

Rome, 2014 Black and White Street Photography, Italy

Watercolor Paintings, Watercolor Prints - Watercolorist - Natural Landscape Art - Colleen Nash Becht

The artist is Dominique. The peice is called "Megan's Wash".This is a sketch with watercolors on the clothes. it is 8 by 10