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Carnation or “dianthus” = “The Flowers of God”. The ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated these flowers specifically for decorative purposes like for use in garlands, wreaths and other decor projects. In ancient Rome this flower were known as “Jove’s Flower” as a tribute to one of their beloved gods. According to Christian legend, these flowers appeared on earth from Mary’s tear at Jesus’s carrying of the cross.

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Fiori di ciliegio come fiocchi di neve: spettacolo sakura di notte -

Passeggiata notturna tra i ciliegi in fiore a Tokyo. Lungo il viale del Chidorigafuchi lo spettacolo della fioritura dei sakura, i ciliegi giapponesi da fiore, esplode sotto i fari che illuminano gli alberi

The great history of the Tulip, which reaches to the far corners of the world, has given it many strong symbolic associations. As a group, Tulips represent fame, wealth and perfect love. Perhaps because they bloom in the spring, following the darkness of the winter months, the Tulip has come to symbolize eternal life.

"She/He loves me, she/he loves me not". Daisies represent purity, loyal love and are symbol of innocence.