Flavio Giovini

Flavio Giovini

Flavio Giovini
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wangye ~ Heise Jinyao aka "heise"

A lethal Fire Guardian. Climbed his way up from Lower Class to Elite, but still prefers to live the Lower Class life. Aloof from his Group, but cares for it.

male art | 25 Stunning Fantasy Characters Digital Art

25 Stunning Fantasy characters digital art works gathered from internet. fantasy characters, digital art, fantasy digital artwork***One of many Protectors Of The Holy***Mitzi*** :

I don't know him or what character he is. But I like this elf.

The Silmarillion! Steampunk AU Maedhros bb n his “new hand” Pardon me coz i was making this quick thingie when i was half drunk, i even draw. Maedhros - A Spare hand

Bartok Bororwiec, Polish model

Bartek Borowiec by Greg Kadel -- That picture is just so perfect for Dimitri. Just so damned perfect