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Dancing the Jitterbug, April 19th, 1940. Someone please teach me the jitterbug. Please.

Original caption: 9/23/39-New York: Alfred Schock and Evelyn Stein are going to town in a big way during the jitterbug session that marked the opening of the Mardi Gras swing casino at the New York World's Fair. The casino is free to all fair goers -- all rug-cutting is strictly on the house.

Some wild swing dance aerials from a British “Men Only” magazine from 1952

Guys, I wish people still had dance halls where you could just go and dance the jitterbug with your homies before going to the local drug store to get a bottle of soda pop. Also, I wish people still dressed like this.

French university students dance the jitterbug, 1949. S)

Donald O'Connor & Peggy Ryan. One of the greatest dancing partnering in film, with outstanding chemistry.

Liza Minnelli and Christopher Walken

"What To Wear To A 50's Rock N' Roll Party"

Dance with me, circa 1955. I love the fact that both sets of my grandparents met at dances!

Swing Kids (1993) I love swing dancing