Beautiful geometry inside a vertical space. Lots of depth to this fun idea, capped off by a simple, elegant choice of light.

IC lights

IC Lights, FLOS, Michael Anastassiades (brass wall lamps to bronze floor lamps)

Acrylic Sheets Transform Light Into An Architectural Sculpture

Acrylic Sheets Transform Light Into An Architectural Sculpture

*modern interiors, hallway, lighting design* - Spa at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland by designer Amanda Rosa                                                                                                                                                     More

*modern interiors, hallway, lighting design* - Spa at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland by designer Amanda Rosa. This would be so romantic in a long hallway.

intagli luce pavimentazione

Back-lit accent wall. (JohnHoushmand furniture and architectural features) This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. It would make a great accent wall, especially if it was backlit.

Sometimes, effective lighting can morph from a functional element into a key aesthetic component. Such was the case for these six exhibits, whose dramatic lighting strategies deftly transcended ancillary components to become theatrical elements.

Points of Light

Comprised of little more than white laminate dotted with various square panels, Ansorg GmbH& hidden light fixtures beneath simple panels create a striking piece of shadow play!

Lamp Swingy Magnative by IGEN Design

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Lamp Swingy Magnative by IGEN Design- I thought this was a cool idea which is different and unlike anything I've seen yet. Which what I love about design there's always a different to approach different things and come up with something spectacular.


ICEBERG - Designer General lighting from Terzani ✓ all information ✓ high-resolution images ✓ CADs ✓ catalogues ✓ contact information ✓ find.

Tom Dixon and the Melt Pendant at #ICFF2015 #NYC #tomdixon #MeltPendant

Tom Dixon and the Melt Pendant at The Melt Pendant MELT: A series of distorted spherical pendants, half-metallised to create an extraordinary optic effect and cast an ethereal luminosity on their surroundings. Tom Dixon crushed by Front.

Not quite ready to take down the string lights in my livingroom yet plus i like the light they give. After all the days are still very short and dark so might as well leave them for a lil bit longer. Hope ya'll had a nice weekend!

BOLLE E FLAUTI, MAGICI | The Dummy's Tales

Bolle is inspired by the lightness of soap bubbles as a metaphor for the immateriality of light. Using the “a lume” technique from the Veneto region in Italy, Bolle houses a suspended brass bulb within.


temperatura de color Arificial light sources, correlate Color Temperature (Kelvin) of - Simulated with Autodesk studio Max Design by Luca Rostellato simulation of

the scent of the soul

These lights in clear glass. The rim around the center creates a very beautiful light. Love this option or the kitchen. Makes the kitchen more modern instead of chain light. Option for kitchen John Pomp Hand Blown Sculpted Glass Pendants

Les Cordes chandelier by Mathieu Lehanneur. Glass tubes containing LED strips.

Les Cordes chandelier that looks like illuminated rope suspended from the ceiling by Mathieu Lehanneur for Château Borély in Marseille, France.

Davide Groppi: Infinito

Launched by Davide Groppi at Light + Building, Infinito was designed based on a concept of space. It is a homage to Lucio Fontana in the form of a thin line cuts through space.