filippo graziano
filippo graziano
filippo graziano

filippo graziano

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MSTRF / MUND Series Light - Wall Piece

MSTRF / MUND Series Light Wall Piece by MSTRF on Etsy

desconhecido astúcia perspicácia eficiência (de meios, de energia) equilíbrio


The Podpad is a wall-mounted desk and storage unit that folds open for use as a workspace & holds your laptop, mail & desk junk plus it also houses a built-in sound system & charging station…. Doesn't look like it holds a printer though.


Key holders

Thout Design's UtiliTILE Hallway Organization

Modular Organization. After our Top 10: Modern Free-Standing Coat Racks post last week, we've refocused our coat rack search to more space-saving wall-mounted options like the UtiliTILE from Thout Design. Different tiles are responsible for different function from a row of hooks to key and shoe storage...

I am intrigued. You would definitely need one of those tall sliding ladders the libraries have to retrieve books.

Designer: Victor Vasilev biblioteca planos

A modern take on the baroque style. Cut out is classic baroque, but overall shape is minimalistic. It's baroque without all the froth.

No instructions on this one but... we think it seems fairly simple for the DIY bosses out there if you had a LIFX Z light strip and a little know how...