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Filippo Roncoroni

Filippo Roncoroni
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How To Set Up A Low Tech Mushroom Farm - GroCycle

Learn the main steps to setting up a small scale low tech mushroom farm

Automated Greenhouse

We decided to design a greenhouse as subject for our electronic project. The goal was to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse thanks a lamp, a servomotor.

Low Cost 12V to 220V 300Watt Inverter.jpg

Low Cost to Inverter.

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INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVES: I is a simple system, using Arduino to automate the irrigation and watering of small potted plants or crops. This system does the control of soil .

Arduino simulator 1.4 EN

Xevro is run by software developer Louis D'Hont

My Android Blynk app controlling my Arduino board at home.  Sensors data flowing to it (temperature, Humidity, power consumption, alarms) and various services can be activate (heating, lights, plant irrigation).

Plants must be watered so that your garden looks beautiful and astonishing. To get the things done in the right way you must water the plants with the hose