........I AM wild free...just like Brick Beach yesterday, first day in the Atlantic Ocean this Summer...with cousins Lainie Carole...what a LIFE! :D 17 Jun 14

The beach, salt water and sand beneath my toes and long walks with my feet in the ocean a lil, during a sunset is my ultimate HAPPY place! I love the beach!


HE asked me to dance, I said yes . My soul dances with the Lord , The LORD of the dance. God You and I dance.

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Christmas Dreams

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And this person’s description: "Good morning beautiful! I woke up with the urge to make you some coffee this morning and see that gorgeous smile of yours! You're so beautiful even with your bed-head! Enjoy your day sweetheart!

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Beatrice Borromeo e Pierre Casiraghi oggi sposi!

Beatrice Borromeo e Pierre Casiraghi oggi sposi!

Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo, Monaco