Federica Santambrogio

Federica Santambrogio

Milan, Itally  ·  Fashion Stylist / IEDModaLab Milan
Federica Santambrogio
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The Glorious Issue — Autumn Winter 2012 — Nº 03

Barbie ad, 1965.

I chose this Barbie ad because it shows the stereotype of only young girls playing with Barbies. I am sure there were little to no ads of young boys playing with Barbies, especially during this era.

Perfect shade of Barbie Pink

Barbie Pink Color Name - Created (and trademarked) especially for Barbie, Pantone is (and, of course named for) the perfect shade of Barbie Pink. - Peter Helenek, Vice President of Design, Barbie

Barbie's cute dog

Ken is three years and two days younger than Barbie. Barbie’s birthday is March 9 and Ken’s Birthday is March – Peter Helenek, Vice P

Claudia peep toes by Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Barbie Anniversary Pink Heels I wan't a pair of these so bad they are too cute and who doesn't love the Red Bottom shoe?

Vogue italia & Christie's

Vogue italia & Christie's