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a flower that is in the middle of a black and white photo with swirls
A brief look at art nouveau
a close up of a piece of cloth with a flower on the front and side
une de plus pour la collection brodée "ART NOUVEAU": - Agruidd le brodeur medieval
a group of people standing around a table with a large painting on it's surface
Сюзане - вышивка покоряющая красотой
someone is holding up a small embroidery project with yellow and green designs on it's hoop
Thread and Fabric Alchemy
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How to do Back Stitch Embroidery on a Mandala Design Pattern for Hand Embroidery
Mandala Hand Embroidery is one of the most simple embroderies on my ETSY SHOP - PDF Pattern Digital downloadable Kits available. The DIY KIT - can be instantly downloaded on pucrhase and it contains: 1. 4 Nos. of PDF Pattern of Mandala Designs 2. Video Tutorial Link 3. Material List with Images 4. Video Tutorial on How to Transfer Pattern on Fabric 5. Video Tutorial on how to finish the back of the hoop 6. Full Video of Embroidery Video Tutorial
a drawing of a circular design in grey and white
a white table cloth with blue and green leaves on it, in the shape of a flower
Embroidery patterns
a drawing of a circular design in grey and white
an image of a coloring book page with numbers in the middle and letters at the bottom
an embroidered butterfly on grey fabric with white stitchs and swirly lines in the center
Chic Needlework - Butterfly
Chic Needlework - Butterfly design (UT12923) from