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the cover of everything i have, with many different colored squares and dots on it
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makes me think....
an image of white flowers in the grass
Sofia Crespo on Instagram: "[[seed_of_seeds]] Through our lived experience plants seem slow to grow, to respond and to change. Yet, they have proven to be far more adaptable and capable of change than we could have imagined. The orchid, for example, exists in such a wild myriad of forms and adaptations that, should we speed time up, we could almost consider it to be dancing: in concert with insect-life, each step taken is an adaptation back and forth, a swirling waltz that branches into every new variant of being, and in turn shapes the forms of insects, birds and animals (species known for their visually complex adaptations) as they, in turn, take the next step."
the back side of a white paper with black lettering on it and some type of calligraphy
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the back side of a computer screen with text on it
ㅤ 🗨️♥️ ✿ᩨ♡̩͙ㅤ ⬚͒꣓ ㅤ
an advertisement for the city for community awards
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