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My creations handmade {Jewelry}

I love art in all its forms and specially the crafting handmade! I love to do the jewelry that has always been my passion, my hobby, my happiness. I'm Happy to donate a bit of happiness through my creations!!!
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Orecchini Marina...

Felicitas Bijoux: Orecchini Marina...

Stellare come te...

Felicitas Bijoux: Stellare come te...

Viola... mi ispira Oya

Felicitas Bijoux: Viola... mi ispira Oya

Amethyst flower-shaped 15 mm, beads of pink aventurine barrel-shaped 10 mm, chips of fluorspar, silver Tibetan elements. The earrings Emy are 11 cm long!

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Ligea Earrings with with lampwork glass beads Venetian floral in shades of black and white, Bohemian glass beads deep teal,black and white; tibetan silver beads. (Handmade)

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Capri Earrings with pearl heart-shaped cobalt blue of Venice glass. (Handmade)

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Afrodite pendant at form of drop of red bamboo coral chips and baroque pearls. (Handmade)

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