Felicetto Pirrera

Felicetto Pirrera

Felicetto Pirrera
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AlpStories Community Store by Brigada, Zagreb – Croatia » Retail Design Blog

Good/easy idea if we made our own tshirt display like the one we talked about "Alpstories concept includes a robot that makes customized beauty products - Retailand Retail Design"

using materials groove as shelving

PIN This interior stone wall works perfectly in the space. The different textures and sizes of the stone create a effect. The shelves work perfectly o the stone and the colors match in with the decor. It gives a secluded feel.

Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher | http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/gentle-objects-by-martin-mestmacher/

GO by MM (Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher) is a hot new line of steel-framed furniture that celebrates minimalism, geometry and thin black lines.