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this is an image of a painting with many circles and leaves on it's surface
an orange and white bracelet on someone's arm with red lace around it,
Cathy Cullis!
two hands are writing on an old paper with cursive writing and inking
Your Song
Your Song by Antonius Bui, via Behance
Kelly Darke Fine Art by kellydarke on Etsy
a blue and green vase sitting on top of a table
Organza scrap flower vessels
Organza scrap flower vessels are great to make. They are based on an old idea brought up to present date. I get a lot of small scraps genera...
a colorful sculpture in the middle of a field
two bowls are sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to each other, one is decorated with colorful feathers
someone is holding up a cross - stitch pattern in front of some plants and trees
Allotment, A Bird's Eye View PDF Embroidery Pattern. Garden PDF. Embroidery Pattern. PDF Embroidery Pattern. Saatchi Gallery Winning Design - Etsy UK
a person holding up a small piece of art with trees in the center and grass behind it
a person holding up a large embroidery art piece with lots of stickers on it
a person holding up a small embroidery art piece in front of some red and yellow flowers