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what we all want in life, to travel, fall in love and be happy. quotes & things quotes quote sayings saying words word lovers love future beach waves sunset ocean summer summer lovers summer love

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Travel Inspiration: "To travel and to love is to be happy." Love to travel. Travel for love.

La sensibilità di una donna che ha lasciato stelle lungo il cammino....

when you hear something that makes your heart vibrate, never wonder what it is, but live it all the way, because that thrill, that feeling is called life.

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Frasi "Ci metto un po' ma poi non volto pagina, la strappo.

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La parte difficile è dimenticare il futuro che avevi immaginato - Claudia Simple The difficult part is not forgetting the past, but rather, the future as you imagined it would be.

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One of the best feelings in the world "when hugging someone you love and he returns holding stronger"BUONANOTTE AMO

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Friendship is not about seeing each other everyday.but loving each other everyday, with the certainty of always being there.