federica ruzzante
federica ruzzante
federica ruzzante

federica ruzzante

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House on a hill near Volterra in verdant Tuscany, Italy • photo: Boguslaw Strempel on 500px

So Gentle & Wise. #elephant #wild #animals

Essere sorelle è per sempre, come una fotografia.

Just got my copper cuffs I had custom made for my sister and I. They say "Sorelle Per Sempre" which means "Sisters Forever" in Italian. Get your own custom copper cuff from elisabeth k. jewelry on Etsy! http://www.etsy.com/shop/elisabethkjewelry

Sorelle per sempre

These photos were taken 14 years apart, representing over a decade of incredible friendship.

Tre Sorelle's Art Licensing Program

tutto l'amore che c'è tra due sorelle


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