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In questa bacheca potete trovare una selezione di pezzi dedicati all'arredamento d'interni. Pezzi d'antiquariato destinati ad impreziosire e a valorizzare l'ambiente rendendolo unico, raffinato e accogliente.
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a poster with the words how hard is the wood? in different colors and sizes
an old wooden box with many glasses in it sitting on a table next to other glassware -&nbspdfantichita Resources and Information.
Do you want a drink? ;) Fantastic English Tantalus, oak,1900 circa. #antiques #furniture #object #home #
an antique wooden dresser sitting in a room
DF Antichità - Roma, mobili antiquariato, restauro
Antique Biedermeier Secretaire, best quality! #antiques #furniture #home #
three chairs sitting next to each other in a room
sitting please ... comfortable to be old, right? so beautiful as well as comfortable too! Try it! #antiques #furniture #home #
there is a gold clock on the table in front of some other decorations and pictures -&nbspdfantichita Resources and Information.
What time is it? my dear friend, with this clock time will stop ... you look just him and not the hour!! #antiques #clock #home #
a clock sitting on top of a table next to a couch -&nbspdfantichita Resources and Information.
A Fantastic French Clock in gild bronze, working. 30 x 15 x 55 h #antiques #furniture #home #
a wooden desk with two drawers on each side and one drawer at the top, in front of other wood furniture
Danish table,look in my shop for another furniture! Have a nice day ;)
many tables and chairs are lined up in a room with bookshelves on the walls -&nbspdfantichita Resources and Information.
Welcome in my shop! Benvenuti nel mio Negozio!!