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Federico Chiapparini

Federico Chiapparini
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The Joker by Mike Mahle

The Clown Prince of Crime. Arguably the best comic villain of all time. This is the last of he Gotham villains and man I'm I spent. Buy a copy of my Arkham Journal here,

Full Marvel Comics November 2014 Solicitations: Enter The Age Of Inversion | Comicbook.com

- As seen in the blockbuster Marvel Studios film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot are back! - It's the breakout hit series of the summer! As their space adventures continue, find out why Rocket Raccoon and Groot are quickly becoming the .

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The newly designed Lamborghini PML-F Formula 1 Concept, however, could change that. Part racer, part Dark Knight transport, this demonic creation from Sabino Leerentveld is intended to be propelled by a 1200 hp