32 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women

32 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women

40 Beautiful Bracelet Tattoos for Men & Women

40 Beautiful Bracelet Tattoos for Men & Women

LOVE the Tulip - would add Ik hou van jou along the line I think! Minimalistic Tulip Bracelet Tattoo by Ruta

A scuola, il termine "topo da biblioteca" è sempre stato associato ad una persona "secchiona".

Winged Pages - Quirky and Unique Literary Tattoos Perfect for Bookworms - Photos

Top 15 Owl Tattoo Designs for Girls | Amazing Tattoo Ideas --Love the Traditional American Style of the roses

Half sleeve owl tattoo designs with red roses, make it become femine. The owl eyes cathing us as it want to watch wherever you go. This tattoo is done with

Lotus Flower Tattoos. | Tattoo Ideas Gallery Blog

Bright Purple and White (spirally) Lotus flower tattoo I think I like the deeper, rich colors in contrast to the bright over just all bright. I would place it different and I honestly just like the color n background I have a diff lotus is mind.


Both sleeves of a Pointillism tattoo by Nazareno Tubaro. This is a beautiful two sleeve tattoo design by Nazareno Tubaro. Most of his work is based on organic patterns that are inked in dots or lines.

Good tattoo pain guide. I want to get a tattoo on my foot and rib cage :,(

Tattoo pain rating chart from Inked Magazine. who exactly made this up cause according to this my "five star" tattoos should have had me "passed out or crying" where i was laughing and watching movies