Francesca Borione

Francesca Borione

Francesca Borione
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L'Antitrust multa per milioni Acea, Edison, Eni ed Enel

Five ideas to soundproof so you can turn video games (music, noisy kids, etc) up to 11 without waking the dead

Hexagon by FORM US WITH LOVE is a wood wool cement product that was produced in collaboration with the Sweden-based company TRÄULLIT. The stylish wall decor is a sound-absorbing material that also adds a wicked pixelated effect to any studio space.


Eclectic white living room Using a mix of floral wallpapers, old drawers from salvaged furniture, have been given a new lease of life, mounted on the walls to create an eclectic display. The hanging chair adds a relaxed, vibe to the room.