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a red and orange card with a lion on it's face, holding a ball
Gormiti | Gormiti del Fuoco
Gormiti | Gormiti del Fuoco
a black and white photo with the words writing prompt i'm not going away, with you and i'm not leaving without you
Writing Prompts 291-300
Writing Prompts 291-300
a person typing on a laptop with the title screen writing advice how to control your story
screenwriting advice: how to control your story
Screenwriting advice: How to control your story by Max Landis
the writing activity for short story writing
Short Story Pre-Writing and Brainstorm Activity -
Teach your upper elementary students how to write a short story using a structured technique. This blog post gives step-by-step directions and provides free graphic organizers! #teaching #writing
how to write a fight scene in 11 steps by better novel project - book cover
How to Write a Fight Scene in 11 Steps
an image of a text description for characters in the book, things you should know about each of your characters
an image of a computer screen with the text horror plot outline on it's left side
8 Novel Outline Templates (By Genre) - Novel Factory
A horror plot outline. Story templates / genre based novel plotting cheatsheets. Help with how to write a novel.
a poster with the words change paragraphs when written in black and white on it
New paragraph when...
an instruction manual for writing tools on a blue background with the words, quick steps to writing
Writing Tips
the four elements of fiction and literature text structure, graphic design, texts, teaching, reading, writing, movie posters
Writing Narrative Endings – Infographic…
Kristine Nannini YoungTeacherLove #iteachela