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the box is cut out to look like it has been folded in two different directions
two sheets of paper with leaves and numbers on them, one has a pencil next to it
Schede per l'autunno: ritmo binario e ternario
Impariamo a descrivere un viso: schede da stampare, colorare ed incollare sul quaderno
the spanish language poster for children's learning with pictures and words, including an image of
Cartellone: le parti del giorno | Maestra Mary
a bulletin board with an image of a person holding a clock and other items on it
a clock with different time zones and numbers on the face, in french language for children
L'horloge Montessori 24H à imprimer avec Tête à modeler
the wheel of life is shown with an arrow pointing to one side and two other directions on
Orologi meteorologici per bambini da stampare - Lavoretti Creativi
the wheel of fortune is on display in front of a tile floor
an image of a wheel of fortune with the words el calendario on it