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a painting with two pink flowers on it
Stephen Mackey - Works
two women sitting on clouds in the sky
L'arte surreale di Christian Schloe | Inspire We Trust
two people in a small boat with lights on the sails and one person sitting inside
Artistic Moods
Amy Friend
a painting of a ballerina in green and blue
Embroidery by Jose Romussi
a painting of a girl surrounded by buttons
Button, button, who's got my button?
an image of a child using a sewing machine
When I grow up, I will go to Fashion college, study textiles and start my own fashion house! I will have lots of clients, and a great career!
a drawing of a woman laying on top of a black and white ball hanging from strings
LILIPINSO marque française de décoration
by my lovely thing
a drawing of a nude woman with her hands behind her head and back turned to the side
François-Henri Galland - Ça j'aime bien
François-Henri Galland
Christian Schloe Surrealist, Art Design, Illustration Art
La Cave
Christian Schloe
a woman sitting on top of a bottle with an umbrella over her head in the sky
Christian Schloe
a painting of a woman's head with two birds on her head and water in the foreground
Christian Schloe
a painting of a woman with butterflies on her shoulders
Christian Schloe