Voy auscultar tu corazon.

expose-the-light: “ Angiogram of Healthy Heart Photograph by SPL/Photo Researchers, Inc. The picture of health, an angiogram of a human heart shows blood vessels in sharp detail. To take an angiogram,.

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Fruit for health! Organic ripe fruit is perfect for our health :) here are some more fruity benefits of eating fresh organic ripe fruit :) We love being healthy <3

Fruit For Health Infographic - The Sweet and Juicy Benefits of 20 Natural Disease Fighters via Natural Healthy Concepts.

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A cute print of a toothpaste being attached to a toothbrush. This advertises both the toothbrush and toothpaste.

Curcuma -antioxydant

Curcuma: proprietà e utilizzo di una spezia preziosa - Salute