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an advertisement for a kitchen with plants on the counter
Lumen Isola 175
Within architect Valentina Autiero's transformative project, the Lumen Island 175 effortlessly complements the dynamic living space. Its suspended design adds an understated touch of functionality and elegance to the kitchen area.
a kitchen with an island and bar in it
In the enchanting renovation project by interior architect Sylvie Blanchet, our hood Stream takes center stage. Nestled in a rustic wooden abode dating back to 1833, the chalet's authentic charm is elevated by the unique design choices, echoing the seamless integration Stream into the kitchen space. The result is a captivating synergy of authenticity and modern elegance across three expansive floors.
an advertisement for a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances in the background, including a stove top oven
The Asiago villa, a harmonious blend of larch, stainless steel, and local stone, features the Lumen Island 175 in a project by Sam-Architects. Its geometric design complements the warmth of a mountain kitchen in the heart of the Asiago Plateau. The elegant Lumen 175 hovers above a steel countertop, balancing the larch wood furnishings for a perfect equilibrium.
an image of a kitchen with white cabinets and wood flooring in the background, along with text that reads altar lomazzo cosmo fily sam - architecture
Lomazzo Altair
Located in the town of Lomazzo (Como, Italy), this once dim and impersonal space underwent a remarkable transformation by Sam-Architects. Walls were opened up, beams exposed, and an inviting, open kitchen area was born, fostering greater visual and verbal interaction. With the strategic installation of our Altair hood, the kitchen is now elevated, boasting enhanced natural light and a seamless blend of functionality and style within the heart of this stunning residential space.
an advertisement for a kitchen and living area with the words mirabamonti, italian, italy sam - architecture & ludicca vaccia
In Milan's historic Ca' Di Facc, Sam-architects took on an inspiring renovation project, converting a former warehouse into an inviting apartment. They chose Falmec's Mira range hood, with its geometric design in stainless steel, to grace the kitchen. Mira blends style and functionality in this open kitchen corner. This project melds vintage and modern elements, showcasing craftsmanship, detail, and a commitment to sustainability, resulting in a space that celebrates both history and innovation.
an advertisement for a kitchen and living room with the words spazio apartment k, kitzbuhl, austria
Thanks to Monika Nguyen and Destilat Design Studio for this unique Spazio project.
the cover of an architectural magazine shows a kitchen with white walls and wood flooring
Nuvola, “All'ombra dei bastioni" project by Eutropia Architettura, Florence. Credits foto: Jacopo Carli