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the sun shines brightly in front of an ornate building with gardens and trees on both sides
Lake Garda Wedding Cocktail Hour
Isola del Garda is one of Italy’s most impressive wedding locations, although little known. It is located right in the middle of Lake Garda, in northern Italy, and is surrounded by lush gardens and vegetation, as well as the turquoise waters of the lake. A Venetian-style villa dominates the island; the Borghese Cavazza family still inhabits the house, making it prettier daily. Take a look at the entire post about this Wedding on Lake Garda! Italy wedding, lake garda wedding venue, lake garda wedding venues, italian lakes wedding, lake garda wedding photographer, lake garda destination wedding, italy lake garda wedding
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Modern and Elegant Groom's Outfit for an Italian Wedding
This charming groom opted for what I consider to be a flawless, refined, and understated ensemble for his wedding on Lake Garda, Italy. The sleek black suit, styled in a classic tuxedo cut, featured a stunning double-breasted jacket adorned with lapels and silk buttons, impeccably complementing the groom's physique. Paired with patent leather loafers, a tailored white shirt, and a black silk bow tie, this ensemble exuded sheer magnificence, perfectly suited for a wedding with timeless allure. Discover the entire photo shoot capturing the essence of this wedding on the shores of Lake Garda, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Garda Isle! groom's outfit, groom, groom's look, groom's suit, groom's tuxedo, isola del garda wedding, lake garda wedding, italy wedding.
a bride and groom kissing on a balcony overlooking the water at sunset in front of a lake
Romantic Sunset Wedding at Villa Cavazza on Lake Garda
A romantic kiss of two newlyweds at sunset on their wedding day at Villa Cavazza on Isola del Garda, nestled in the enchanting surroundings of Lake Garda. The beautiful villa, with its historic architecture and lush greenery, enhances the romantic atmosphere. The soft sunlight casts a warm glow, accentuating the serenity of the moment. This picturesque scene embodies the timeless beauty of their union amidst nature's embrace. Take a look at the entire wedding on our blog!
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Isola del Garda Wedding Reception at Villa Borghese
If you are planning a wedding reception in Isola del Garda, it could be a truly enchanting experience. The island is home to the impressive Villa Borghese Cavazza, a neogothic mansion that dates back to the early 20th century. With the wonderful view of the lake, the crazy lights, and the silence all around, your wedding celebration will be marvelous and unforgettable!beautiful
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Isola del Garda Wedding Ceremony in the Loggia
A stunning floral arrangement graced the ceremony held within the magnificent Loggia of Villa Borghese Cavazza on Isola del Garda. The ethereal combination of white and blue hues served as a captivating motif throughout the event, harmoniously mirroring the exquisite azure backdrop of Lake Garda. #IsolaDelGardaWedding #lakegardawedding #lakegardaweddingceremony
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Italian Dolce Vita Wedding Theme on Lake Garda
An Italian Dolce Vita Wedding theme 🇮🇹 set on the picturesque Lake Garda would create a romantic and elegant atmosphere for your special day 💯 The Dolce Vita theme is all about embracing the sweet life, and Lake Garda provides the perfect backdrop with its stunning landscapes, charming villages, and serene waters 💫 Read the entire post of this beautiful Wedding at Isola del Garda 🇮🇹
Lake Garda Wedding in Villa Borghese Cavazza's  Loggia Italian Wedding, Venues
Isola del Garda Wedding Ceremony in The Loggia
If you are looking for a special venue to celebrate your wedding in Italy 🇮🇹 do not miss Villa Borghese Cavazza on Isola del Garda, Lake Garda 😍 The timeless allure of its “The Loggia”, adorned with fascinating 18th-century frescoes, will turn your “I DO” into pure enchantment ✨ Click on the link to see the entire post about this Wedding on the Lake!
Wedding Ceremony at Villa Borghese Cavazza on Lake Garda Popular Wedding, Bridesmaid
Isola del Garda Wedding on Lake Garda
Isola del Garda is a beautiful island located on Lake Garda in Italy 🇮🇹 and it is indeed a popular wedding destination. The island features a stunning Venetian neogothic villa, beautiful gardens, and breathtaking views of Lake Garda ❣️Many couples choose to have their weddings there due to the romantic and picturesque setting 💯 Take a look at the entire blog post to discover one of the most enchanting destination wedding venues on Lake Garda!
villa Feltrinelli wedding venue in lake Garda Italy Tuscany, Lake Villa
Villa Feltrinelli Wedding Venue in Lake Garda
If your dream is to get married in #Italy, how about considering a magical location by the #lake? 🇮🇹 Villa Feltrinelli on the stunning Lake Garda is an absolute gem for an original destination wedding in Italy 💎 Step into a world of refined opulence as you explore the villa's rich history and meticulously curated interiors. 💯 With only a limited number of rooms and suites, Villa Feltrinelli offers an exclusive and intimate setting for your dream wedding in Italy 😍
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Lake Garda Wedding at Isola del Garda
A drone view on Italian gardens of the great Villa Borghese Cavazza, Lake Garda. Isola del Garda, where the villa is located, is the largest island of the Lake Garda, Italy, between the towns of Salò and San Felice del Benaco 🇮🇹 The Villa allows you to arrange a dream Wedding on Lake Garda, offering many different spots all beautiful 🤩 Usually the cocktail hour is proposed along the lake, among the wonderful Italian gardens of the Villa 🌱