Fabrizio Simoncioni

Fabrizio Simoncioni

Fabrizio Simoncioni
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Black Studded Steam Punk Rock Motorcycle Fashion Jackets Women Men SKU-11401056

Emo Gothic Steam Punk Rock Lolita Fashion Trench Coats Vests Page 3 - Liquiwork

Junker pants - J Ransom - It's a shame it doesn't come in women's sizes

We love these army green CALL OF DUTY pants from JUNKER DESIGNS. Made from vintage army canvas material pieced together along with buckles and straps to make these incredible pants. Each one is made to order by hand and will vary slight

"Glorious pilot Hayao " https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-8Wh7b-P8ezg/UKQT3EgXYaI/AAAAAAAAAak/yVyrc_JbZl8/s640/Hay_h_06.jpg

Nice work: Steampunk watch/glove thing from Режу кожу - I cut leather--some really cool details and attachments here :) More pictures on the site, too! Something to keep in mind for potential future Steampunk gear

sleeve armour - detail. Steampunk, leather, brass buckles

Steampunk Armour << I like, but not the high neck, would prefer it strap from the collar bone, across the chest, and under the opposite shoulder.