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a room with red string hanging from the ceiling and wooden boxes attached to the walls
South Africa’s new contemporary art museum opens in Cape Town’s former grain silo
some red bricks are stacked on top of each other in the middle of a room
Schemata Architects stacks up red bricks inside South Korea's first Blue Bottle Coffee cafe
a large building under construction with scaffolding on the front and side walls that read merino construction
a green bench sitting in front of a tall white building with words on the wall
de vylder vinck taillieu / jo taillieu - jan de vylder inge vinck, MAIO , Bak Gordon Architects, José Hevia · Building Stories
several stacks of pipes stacked on top of each other in an empty room with white walls
max lamb and kwangho lee design tajimi custom tile furniture
an empty room with brick walls and benches on the floor, in front of two paintings
Filip Dujardin · Treasures of nation
an empty room with red bricks on the floor and one brick wall in the middle
Filip Dujardin · Treasures of nation