The contrast between fragility of glass and the power of the protest is the essence of this collection designed by Fabrica for Get Up! Get Up! is an one week event of performances, workshops and exhibitions organized in Turin by Il Circolo dei Lettori featuring Regione Piemonte and Fabrica.
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MEGAPHONE, Mariana Fernandes The protest can be a throng of individual statements coming together to transmit a mass message. The three different megaphones represent different voices coming together for the same propose. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #marianafernandes

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BALACLAVA, Federico Floriani The Balaclava is an act of protest for people who have to remain anonymous for fear of persecution. If what you believe in is clear and pure you should have the right to show your face. The Glass Balaclava is sympathetic to the hidden protesters – supporting their right to speak their mind freely with a transparent identity. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #federicofloriani

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PEACE AFTER FUCK YOU!, Ryu Yamamoto The shapes represent the universal hand signals to express “fuck you” (one finger) and “peace” (two fingers). The two glasses capture the feeling of a protest from its angry beginnings to its victorious conclusion. Inside each piece is a bell which interprets the japanese protest demonstration which is accompanied by percussion instruments. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #ryuyamamoto

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The contrast between fragility of glass and the power of the protest is the essence of this collection designed by Fabrica for Get Up! #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino

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REVOLT MEMORY, Sam Baron The material beauty of glass is highlighted by the violence of its intrinseque breakable fragility. Thanks to the special and intimate way to see through, the dome functions as a protective container to lift the value of an otherwise broken object that lost it´s value. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #sambaron

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EGG CATAPULT, Giorgia Zanellato Throwing Eggs is the ultimate act of political rebellion, now revolutionised with the aid of custom made egg catapult. It draws an ironic comparison between a traditional machine of war and an expression of playful defiance. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #giorgiazanellato

State power is embodied in a public statue of the Leader – immortalised as an unmovable symbol of totalitarian power. The iconic leader is now discredited – fragile, transparent and without a head. The degrading of the statue suggests a regime challenged, overthrown and left in ruin – the figure left still semi-intact, yet stripped of its controlling influence. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #deanbrown

STOP, Catarina Carreiras To cease from, leave off, or discontinue. To put an end to, to interrupt, arrest, or check. To cut off, intercept, or withhold. To restrain, hinder, or prevent. No words are needed, but a lot of actions are held within a really simple circular icon. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #catarinacarreiras

THE GENTLEMAN VANDAL, Valentina Carretta One of the most impressive tools to shout your message is the delicate language of Beauty: Beautiful things are able transcend petty differences. Conquering without words they are able to effortlessly enchant us like the elegance of an offered flower. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #valentinacarretta

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DIAPHANOUS, Gastón Lisak We need to change the idea of the flag – with it’s symbols and colors that often lead to fanaticism. we should begin to show more transparent flags, allowing us to start a dialogue. #getupcreativi #fabrica #fabricafeatures #circolodeilettoritorino #gastónlisak

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