Alta Roma Fashion Show

a woman walking down a runway wearing black clothing and heels with her hand on her hip
E-shoes - Ana Correa
Fabricademy Final Project 2018
Fabricademy final project 2018 Tops, Dress, Kimono Top, High Low Dress, High & Low, Angela
Angela Barbour - Rizhome
Fabricademy final project 2018
a woman walking down a runway wearing a white dress
Stephanie Santos - Black Botanical Garden
Fabricademy alumna 2019
Fabricademy Final project 2019 Ballet, Fashion Show, Ballet Skirt, Roma Fashion, Textiles
Irene Caretti - Cabinet of Under Sea Memorabilia
Fabricademy Final project 2019
a woman in a bodysuit and thigh high boots walking down the catwalk at a fashion show
Digital Python - Juan Felipe Enriquez Fiallo
Fabricademy project 2020
a woman walking down a runway wearing a green dress with feathers on it's shoulders
Be Grounded - Lara Campos
fabricademy 2018 final project