"Admiration" - Aaron Westerberg (b. 1974), oil on canvas {contemporary figurative realism art female standing woman discreet posterior back painting} <3 aaronwesterberg.com

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The Accolade Painting - Edmund Blair Leighton

The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton - The Accolade Painting - The Accolade Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

La Imaginación Dibujada: Edmund Blair Leighton

Beautiful Painting - Stitching The Standard by Edmund Blair Leighton

Il fatto è che seguo il mio istinto ed il mio cuore. Non mi curo di quel che sembro, mai. Sono così come la vita, le speranze, le delusioni, le gioie e le emozioni mi hanno fatta, senza riserve né ipocrisie. ~Anna Magnani

'Unwritten Tale' ~fantasy illustration by Melissa Nucera (ThisYearsGirl on Etsy)

Edmund Hodgson Smart British painter. 1873–1942

Dawn 1907 Edmund Hodgson Smart Born: Ainwick, England 1873 Died: Beverly Hills, California 1942 oil on canvas 61 x 43 in.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of the artist Renwick Gallery Floor, Corridor

Daniela Scarel: Michael Parkes * Sculptures and Pantings *

Concept Modeling For Metallic Sculpture : – Picture : – Description Michael Parkes is the world's leading magical realist painter, sculptor, and stone lithographer. The Official Website of Artist Michael Parkes.

Heather Theurer - The touch of star

ART : To Touch a Star – FINE ART by Heather Theurer Jeshu ben Pandira Jeshu ben Pandira: Lecture I I Be sure to read another version of the Lecture: Esoteric Christianity and the Mission of …


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Eugene de Blaas 1843 -1931 | Austrian Academic painter   Feeding the Pigeons  (+++)

Eugene de Blaas ~ Academic painter