Aperitivo estivo: Prosciutto, melone e rosmarino

Proscuitto, Melon, Rosemary Skewers - Perfect appetizers for a garden party! Just make sure not to let the melon sit out for too long.

Pere formaggio pistacchi

pears with goat cheese, cranberries, and pistachios. I think I would use the soft Laughing Cow wedge cheese. It's what I eat with pears. Pistachios and cranberries would be a nice addition.


Bacon wrapped grilled peaches with balsamic glaze. Salty bacon amps up the sweetness of local peaches at their peak freshness and the thick balsamic drizzle gives another touch of tart and sweet

Ultimate Onion Rings 4 Ways

Ultimate Onion Rings 4 Ways

Coppette di pomodori con bocconcini e basilico

Pretty presentation for a caprese salad for a party - add on a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar. This is a great appetizer / finger food.

Polpettine di spinaci in crosta di nocciole e crema al gorgonzola #fingerfood #shopfesta

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Stuzzichini di salamino piccante, formaggio fresco e olive verdi

Party Frosting: appetizers Can never go wrong with sausage! Stack sausage, herbs, cheese and olives