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graceebooks: “graceebooks: “LITERALLY I AM HAUNTED IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT BY THIS ” this has me so in love with martin ”

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (John) behind-the-scenes in a funny moment at the front door of during filming. [GIF] he had to stand on the steps to get eye level with ben XD

This gif is everything- agreed

(gif) I don't know what's more adorable - Bilbo struggling to get on the horse disguised as a pony or Kili making fun of him. << poor Martin can't ride a horse

The Tomlinson Daily

How I'll react if I met Louis. Except here is Louis showing everyone how I would react if I met him.


Empty Hearse in a nutshell. Courtesy of hiatus. Sponsored by Steven Moffat. If you're crying, he did it properly.<< lol this post is hilarious