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New Concept - Milano Design Week 2016

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Hexagon's revolutionary "cooking assistant" function places it among the new generation of intelligent hoods that "understand" what is happening on the hob. Distinguished by its elegant copper bar, Exagon is equipped with a simple easy-to-use hexagonal wheel enabling it to fulfil the dual role of range hood and cooking assistant. The intuitive interface at the top of the hood allows you to view the recipes and follow them step-by-step.


This cook's aid takes you step by step through a recipe selected from the memory. No, it's not a home cooking service, but a smart hood that thinks and acts like a robot. It's called Tower and is the "range hood we will all have in our homes in a few years time". This model uses a tablet and a special app to interact directly with the hob to adjust the level of air suction needed as the food is cooked.

Students of the Politecnico di Milano have furthered their education at Faber. The result is Kiara, an out of the box hood with a country style design, revised and updated with slightly rounded shapes that meet sharp lines at the edges, and are highlighted by copper components. Its shape is both classical and contemporary, clearly functional and again emphasising the high performance of Faber products.