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Fabrizio Alfano

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mood bildästhetik Francesca woodman I liked the broken mirror effect with this one

Tina Modotti began her career as an actress, transitioned to photography after becoming a model for Edward Weston, and later travelled Mexico with him, evolving into a major proponent of the Mexican mural movement of Diego Rivera and others. She then became a political activist with the Mexican Communist Party, and, after her expulsion from Mexico by the government, lived in Moscow and then Spain working with various communist and liberal organizations (Edward Weston 1924)

Tina Modotti by Edward Weston

Bill Brandt Always found inspiration in Bill Brandt's images.

nude, baie des anges, france, october 1959 | foto: bill brandt

Nude, East Sussex Coast, 1953, by Bill Brandt

Nude, London, 1960s, by Bill Brandt

Billy Brand Stonehenge 1944

Bill Brandt. I love old photos of industrial buildings. I guess it reminds me of Billy Elliot. :-)